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Current Features

Milestones and New Car Reviews
Some recent news from the motoring scene to keep you up-to-speed with the latest developments

Airfield Racing
We return to the old Ibsley airfield to continue our research and bring the story up-to-date

Castleman's Forest Railway
Closed in the 1960s, the trackbed of this defunct railway winds through the New Forest and into Dorset

Cruise Ships of the Solent
We look at some liners and cruise ships that have been based in Southampton over the years

Garage Tales
A few more yarns from the proprietor of an olde-world garage somewhere in the heart of the country

Quay Railway
Many still recall a loco and carriages negotiating the streets of Weymouth on the way to the quay

The mail to Gear Wheels reveals many interesting aspects of motoring. A few are published here

Out of Town
The 'Wessex' region has many inns, restaurants, etc. We have listed a few for your consideration

Our gallery of specialist garages and repairers may be useful if looking for a used car, repair, service, etc

We featured many subjects in the pages of Gear Wheels. Most can still be seen in our archives

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